Some organizations, just get it.  They recognize that an engaged workforce is the key to sustainable success.  Other organizations fail to grasp this concept and become a revolving door for talent.

Groove Management has experience in helping organizations of all sizes and in multiple industries to build employee first cultures.  With the right level of commitment from senior leadership, it can be achieved in any industry.  Let us help your organization unlock its potential by focusing on your employees and building a winning culture.

We utilize the Organizational Engagement Review as an assessment too to gauge employee engagement within organizations.  Our approach is differentiated from many engagement surveys that are more focused on employee satisfaction.  We are most concerned with true engagement which we define as the connection between your employees and the business strategy.

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Most companies have come to recognize that there is a direct correlation between employee engagement and financial results.  Employees who are engaged give discretionary effort and do the right things for their employers.  That translates into better business results.  However, too many companies fail at effectively measuring employee engagement.  In working with several clients on their culture and employee engagement, we have found that companies often confuse employee satisfaction with employee engagement.  The two terms are used synonymously, yet their definitions are quite different. 

A search for images related to employee engagement return numerous images much like the one below.    The image of smiling employees has very little to do with engagement and much more to do with satisfaction.

We believe there is one critical question that a company must ask when measuring employee engagement:  Who Cares?

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