The cliche states that our employees are our most important asset, but how many companies actually treat employees as an asset?  Even the words, "talent management" infers that these people have special skills that make them right for an organization.  The best companies place an emphasis on talent management throughout the employment life-cycle.  Groove Management helps our clients to attract, retain, develop and transition employees through an approach that is mutually beneficial to the organization and their talent.

Talent Acquisition

While Groove Management is not a search firm, we help our clients to create talent acquisition plans that place a high importance on hiring for will and skill.  Too many organizations leave talent acquisition to the recruiters and the HR function.  It is our belief that the hiring manager should take ownership for their openings and that HR should serve as a resource to the search process.  We offer training workshops to help shift the hiring accountability.  Our ForwardFill approach helps change the mindset and offers organizations a new way to approach open jobs.


Talent Management

Getting the best performance out of your existing team is a struggle for many organizations and managers.  Groove Management works with our clients to implement qualitative and quantitative measures of employee performance.  We believe strongly in real time feedback.  Our monthly scorecard approach to performance management shifts organizations away from the annual performance management cycle to a much more feedback rich environment.  "Financial performance is measured monthly, so why isn't employee performance measured with the same frequency?"



Make Talent Your Competitive Advantage

Groove Management works with our clients to place more emphasis of maximizing performance through talent management.  We believe that given the right direction and leadership organizations can drive significantly better performance with their existing resources.  When there is clearly a talent mismatch we help clients to proactive seek out higher caliber employees and to accelerate the learning curve.

Talent Management Articles