Groove 360

The Groove360 is a multi-rater feedback instrument, providing what is commonly referred to as 360-degree feedback. Our custom built 360 assessment leverages a specific leadership competency framework in order to provide participants with a comprehensive and reliable review of their leadership effectiveness. While effectiveness can be evaluated using a number of assessment devices, multi-rater feedback has long been favored in private, public, and military environments for its multifaceted characteristics.  The Groove360 is used by Groove Management for executive coaching and leadership development programs.

Our Groove360 is unique in several ways.

Current vs. Desired Performance: We ask raters to rate the participant twice for each item. The first is for current performance and the second is desired performance. This highlights the areas that raters think the participant would benefit from improving. The results include a chart that shows the 5 areas that need the most improvement.

Groove 360 desired performance.JPG

Core Values Assessment:

The Groove360 includes a customizable section where we can insert core values questions. This allows us to measure individual performance as it relates to a company’s specific set of core values. A values match is critical to success and overall performance in a given organization. Our tool can accommodate this special section if this is desired by our clients.

Groove and Kryptonite:

We include open ended questions in our Groove 360 to allow for free form feedback. Two unique questions that are included in our instrument are:

What is the participant’s “groove”? Something that makes them better, special or different?

What is the participant’s kryptonite? Do they know about it and share it openly?

We believe that these two questions provide particularly helpful feedback to participants. We leverage this information as we work through the coaching and development plans.

Groove 360 action planning.JPG

Development Planning In The 360:

We are so outcome focused that we included a section in the 360 to help participants begin to create their development plan while reading through their reports. The development planning section provides the space for the 360 participant to turn the feedback directly into commitments and action.

Our desire is to help the participant to turn the valuable feedback into actions that they will take to improve performance, become more self aware and to thank those who participated for sharing their candid feedback.



Johari Window

Becoming a better leader, must start with better building better self awareness.  The best leaders are those that are most self aware.  360 feedback is an important tool for developing better self awareness.  Understanding ones strengths from the perspective of other stakeholders can be a very powerful learning experience.  Groove Management leverages the Groove360 to help leaders to gain better self awareness.  We apply the Johari window as a means for getting leaders to move more information into the arena.

We apply the Johari window as a model for getting leaders to move more information into the open.  Too often valuable information regarding individual strengths and development needs are caught in the blind spot.  Through the use of the Groove360, Groove Management works with leaders and their teams to enhance self awareness and drive overall performance.

The 360 is often used in our leadership development programs as well as for executive coaching.

To learn more about the Groove360 and how it might be a good fit for your organization, contact Groove Management.

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