The question is asked quiet often.  Why would anyone call a consulting firm Groove Management?  Back in graduate school, our founder Brian Formato was first exposed to the concept of appreciative inquiry.  The concept focuses on leveraging what is working and what is right versus problem identification as an approach to enhancing individual and business performance.  When people are at their best they are often referred to as being in their groove.  This notion of focusing on strengths and finding an individual or organization's groove is what prompted the name Groove Management.

What Does The Logo Represent?

Groove Logo no subtext

The Groove Management logo has several meanings.  

Eye:  At first look people see an eye.  Yes the logo does represent an eye which is a symbol for vision. Since Groove Management helps organization's to set and articulate their vision, the logo represents the importance of vision.

Gear: Many people see the gear within the eyeball.  Having a clear process in place is critical to successful execution.  Groove Management helps our clients to drive processes to improve execution.  The gear is meant to represent the importance of process.

Boat:  The outline of the eye looks like the outline of a sleek sailboat.  Our founder, Brian is an avid sailor and often uses sailing metaphors when working with coaching clients.  Our coaching process helps individuals to bring their passions into their work.  For our founder having the image of a sailboat hidden in the logo was his way of bringing his hobby and passion into the company.

Purposeful Actions

The Groove Management company name and logo are representative of our organization's approach.  We help individuals and organizations to maximize their performance by focusing on strengths.  Establishing a cultural identity is an important component of setting an organization's ambitions. We help our clients to leverage words and images to tell their story.  

Each person has to create their own brand.  Something that differentiates them from everyone else.  We refer to that as "finding your groove".  To read more about "finding your groove", please read the article linked below.