Core Values serve as the conscience of an organization.  They are the manifestation of the belief systems by which the organization will be led.  When companies deviate from their core values they compromise the sustainability of the organization and damage the culture.  Groove Management has helped many organizations to define, refine, re-define and operationalize their core values.  This process helps build organizational alignment and culture.


Core Values

A set of

  • Beliefs
  • Principles
  • Values

That guide an organization's path



The Clear Link Between Core Values and Employee Engagement

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All organizations need highly engaged employees to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  A commitment to core values is clearly a driver of employee engagement. A valueless organization cannot have a high level of employee engagement.  We believe that it is never too late for an organization to commit to a set of core values and to shift the culture.  It has to start at the top.  The senior team must align around a set of values, begin to walk the talk and then drive the values into the organization.




Our Approach

We begin by facilitating a senior team workshop to either review the current values or to create a new set of core values.  Through a highly engaging set of exercises and discussions, the leadership team builds a set of core values for the organization.  These values are then shared with a broader group of employees during focus groups to test the values and gain further input and feedback.  Once fully refined, the real work begins.  Operationalizing the core values is more important than the creation process.  






Let Groove Management Help Your Organization Bring Your Core Values To Life
Following the steps outlined above we can facilitate an impactful workshop to help you and your team build your strategic plan for the coming year.  


  • A clear roadmap for the coming year in the form of a strategy document
  • A communication plan to cascade the message to all employees
  • Enhanced team alignment as a result of the workshop
  • Cleary defined success metrics
  • An execution plan with owners and milestones

Our workshop can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.  Contact Groove Management to learn more about our approach and how we can help you with your planning needs.