Board of Directors Retreats

A board of directors plays a very important role to both for profit and non-profit entities.  Boards shape the strategy and drive the accountability of an organization.  At Groove Management, we understand the important role that boars play and we are experts in maximizing the positive impact that a board can have on a business.  Our team can plan and facilitate board meetings and board retreats for organizations of all sizes and scopes.

When planning your next board meeting or board retreat consider leveraging Groove Management to help plan and facilitate your event.  Our proven process will help your board of directors in the following ways:

Groove Management Board Retreat
  • Build board member cohesiveness through our team building activities and approach
  • Help align your board of directors around the mission, vision and values of the organization
  • Create a call to action for the organization
  • Drive accountability for delivering results
  • Engage the board members in thought provoking conversation
  • Create camaraderie and fun during the event

We can help source meeting locations and activities to best serve the needs of your board retreat.  We start with an intake call to understand your unique needs and then we create a plant based on your organization's goals.


“All I can say is “WOW!” What a spectacular and engaging retreat yesterday; I think we all collectively learned a lot about ourselves and group dynamics. My sense is that we all discovered both our strengths and weaknesses and how collaboratively we can make better progress achieving a goal. That became crystal clear during the “Shipwreck” escape – really learned a lot about my interactions and engagement with board members. And I was so excited to see how engaged members were when the development plan was presented – I could feel the wheels of creativity churning in everyone’s mind, even receiving e-mails this morning from members with connections to foundations. 

We had some great takeaways and honestly, I think that the retreat gave us a better focus, created synergy, bonds and trust!”

Annie Burton, WINGS for Kids

Annie Burton, Executive Director WINGS helping kids soar - Charlotte