Groove Management Timeout

Why do sports teams call timeout?

  • To rest the team

  • To set a play or strategy

  • To stop the clock

  • To ice the opponent

  • To substitute players

  • To maintain possession

  • To evaluate performance and refocus


Why do business teams call Timeout?


But they absolutely should.  

Sports teams strategically make use of time outs to boost performance and win games. The effective calling of time outs is a defining strength of the best coaches in any sports league.  Business leaders can learn a valuable lesson in managing team performance by studying the habits and techniques of athletic coaches.  

Groove Management has studied the professional coaching model for calling time outs and we have developed an approach to apply the technique to a business setting.  There is significant data that supports the need for businesses to call time outs.

Too many business leaders associate a business timeout with a boondoggle or just a fun team building event.  A well orchestrated timeout should include several elements.  Most importantly it is an opportunity for the team to work on their dynamics.  The team must reflect on what is working, what is not working and what needs to change in order to enhance performance.

If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.
— Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable



Full Day Team Time out Program Consists of:

1/2 Day Classroom Workshop:  Whether your team has five members or 50, we can build a program to enhance your team's effectiveness.  Our programs are all highly interactive and allow the team leader to be a participant rather than the facilitator.  We will engage your entire team in a robust dialogue about keys to successful teamwork and then conduct an honest self-diagnosis of the teams current level of effectiveness.  Through an activity based approach we will collectively identify existing team challenges and work together to implement solutions to enhance team effectiveness. 

1/2 Day Experiential Learning Activity:  To follow the classroom workshop we engage the team in a fun yet purposeful experiential learning activity.  We offer a range of activities depending upon the group size and interests.  Below are just a few activities that we have done with clients:

  • Low Rope Course

  • Onsite Team Challenge Simulations

  • Team Curling Activity

  • Bike Building Activity

  • Lost At Sea Team Simulation

  • Exploring Creativity & Innovation Through Art

  • Charlotte Cycleboat outing





As a result of our Team Timeout Program your team will be ready for the challenges ahead.  Our programs deliver the following benefits:

  • Recharge your Team

  • Enhanced Collaboration

  • A Model for Celebrating Success

  • Improved Employee Engagement

  • Greater Appreciation for Diversity

  • Heightened Team and Self Awareness

  • A Shared Experience to Highlight Positive Behaviors

  • An Image of the Team Leader as a Member of the Team

  • Fun memories and laughter


"Great meeting- interactive format.  These type of meetings continue to foster stronger collaboration and enhance working relationship" 

"We could do this again and again- never get old!"  (Bike building activity feedback)

"It was fun to get pushed out of our comfort zones from a team building perspective."

"Having been a part of numerous leadership training sessions, I found this to be the most thought provoking in areas of creativity. It was the right training for this group." (Regarding Creativity and Innovation through art session)