Building Personal and Organizational Resilience Workshop


"An organization is only as resilient as the people leading it."

- Charles Hunt


Resilience is an important life skill that develops through dealing with adversity.  At various points in our personal and professional lives we will face adversity.  How we respond to adversity is a reflection on our resilience.  Much like a muscle, resilience gets enhanced through repetition and focus.  In this workshop we will explore the seven factors that define resilience and explore individual and team effectiveness in building strength through adversity.

Resistance resilience and adaptability

Our workshop can be run for groups as small as six participants and as large as 200.  The session includes several activities to actively engage participants and to draw upon their experiences.  We believe that individuals and teams that address the topic of resilience will be better prepared to deal with adversity when it is experienced.  Preparation is the key.   

Foundations of Resilience

The Resilience Factor Inventory (RFI):

In partnership with Adaptiv Learning and Korn Ferry/Hay Group, we utilized the Resilience Factor Inventory (RFI) assessment in our resilience workshop.  This self scoring psychometric instrument provides individual and team insights as they relate to the seven factors that influence resilience.  The sixty question assessment is accompanied by the resilience workbook which each participants receives.  The workbook augments the interactive portions of the workshop.  The seven factors explored include:

  • Emotion Regulation - keeping your emotions in check

  • Impulse Control - keeping your behavior in check

  • Causal Analysis - diagnosing and solving problems effectively

  • Self-efficacy - belief in your ability to handle situations that come your way

  • Realistic Optimism - belief in a bright future, but within the bounds of your reality

  • Empathy - identifying what emotions others are feeling

  • Reaching Out - seeking out new opportunities, challenges and relationships

The Audacity Firm

For the Resilience Workshop Groove Management has partnered with The Audacity Firm which is led by Charles Hunt a nationally recognized resilience expert and TEDx Speaker on "What Trauma Taught Me About Resilience". Charles is a dynamic presenter and brings his years of experience and his own life story to the resilience workshops that we conduct.


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The Resilience Workshop can be run as a half day or full day workshop depending on the specific goals and needs of your team.