Founded in 2001, Groove Management L.L.C. believes strongly in the concept that individuals and organizations who focus on their strengths are destined to achieve better results than those who constantly work on deficiencies.  Through working with a range of employees from executives to front-line managers our team has found that those who can identify their core strengths and leverage those strengths tend to be more successful and more importantly happier at work and in life.

Groove Management was founded to help organizations and individuals to identify their strengths and learn how to leverage those strengths more effectively.  We refer to this as "finding your GROOVE".  The concept is rooted in the theory of Appreciative Inquiry which was developed in the mid 1980s. The original 1987 article by David Cooperrider and Suresh Srivastva argued that the overuse of problem-solving reduced the ability of managers and researchers to come up with new theories and models for organizing.  Based on the work around appreciative inquiry, Groove Management has furthered the concept into a consulting approach for executive coaching and organizational development. 

Groove Management not only applies the concept of finding ones Groove to people, it can also easily be applied to products and services.  In the case of products and services, the Groove, is correlated to the competitive advantage.  Often organizations take an inside out approach to their products and services.  They try to define their products and their customers based on who they want to serve and what they want to produce.  This is backwards.  Listening to customers and observing trends in the market can help an organization to align their offerings much more effectively.

We approach our work from a global perspective having delivered programs in the UK, Norway, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, China, South Korea and across North America.  Understanding the cultural differences in various regions and countries is a strength of the Groove Management team.

Groove Management has continued this mission of helping individuals and organizations to find their groove for more than 10 years both working inside organizations and as an external consulting service.  Let us help you find your groove!

Our Core Values

We believe strongly that having a clear set of core values is critical to every company’s success. Our value drive both what we do and how we do it.

Authenticity- Be real, be honest with yourself and be willing to admit what you don’t know.

Gratitude- Be thankful for others and for what you have. Gratitude is the combination of “great” and “attitude”. We bring positivity and a great attitude to each of our client engagements.

Make It Happen- We go through. We do what we say and uphold our commitments. Integrity is critical and it begins with having an execution mindset.

Intellectual Curiosity- We are students of business and we love learning new things and learning about various industries, businesses and business models. We take a Socratic approach to our work.

Be Creative- We seek unique solutions, out of the box ideas and opportunities to challenge the status quo. We like to be proactive in our approach to our work and we challenge our clients to think and act differently.

Never Grow Up- We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. Call it the Peter Pan principle, but we have a youthful spirit and like to inject fun into our work.