We define organizational development as the alignment between a businesses strategy and its employees.  In order to effectively conduct OD work an organization must be keenly aware of their business strategy and have senior level alignment around the strategy.  Our proven process facilitates an organization through a number of steps to clearly identify the gaps between the strategy and the people.

Our Process:
Groove Management is entirely focused on helping our clients to leverage their human capital to achieve superior business results.  We offer customized solutions for each business that we engage with.  The consulting work we perform usually involves a four step process:

Diagnostics- It is essential that we understand your business and goals before we can be effective.  Setting clear expectations and goals enables us to ensure that your valuable resources as maximized.  We leverage a number of assessments to aid in our diagnostics.

Project Plan & Scope- Based on the diagnostics and information gathering a project plan with timelines and deliverables will be created and agreed upon by the client and Groove Management

Engagement-  This is where the rubber meets the road.  The engagement can take many different forms.  In some cases it might be a one day facilitated meeting, in others it can be a longer large scale change initiative.  We remain flexible throughout the project in order to ensure your success.

Wrap-Up- Each project ends with a debrief meeting where we review the stated goals and outcomes.  Groove Management is only successful when you are successful.  We make certain that we leave each organization that we work with much stronger than when we arrived.

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