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Is your team looking for a unique 1/2 day team building activity?

Assembling the skateboard takes teamwork

Assembling the skateboard takes teamwork

Groove Management offers a unique team building workshop that will help your team to explore collaboration versus competition in a fun and highly engaging activity.

During the workshop your team will be broken into sub-teams and given the task of assembling "all the products".  The products are skateboards that have been kitted in their original boxes.  Each team will be given a skateboard box containing the skateboard parts required to build a complete skateboard.  The problem is that some boxes have too many parts and some boxes have too few parts. Teams quickly realize that to be successful, they will need to share resources.  With an hour to assemble all of the products, the teams scramble to share resources and build all of the skateboards.

The next step is for each team to create an artistic design on the top and bottom of the skateboard. Teams are encouraged to be creative with their designs and the messaging that they include on the skateboards.

Once the time is up, we dissect the process and discuss how the teams competed and collaborated.  There are lessons to be learned that can be applied to other tasks the team faces at work.  We discuss execution, quality, team work, communications, conflict and other topics that arise as a result of the activity.

The final and most impactful portion of the program occurs at the end when we discuss the fact that the teams built these skateboards without regard for their customer.  We then introduce the team to their customers.

The customers are local children from an area charity who will be given the skateboards, a helmet and pads.  Each team is introduced to their recipient and gets to present the child with the skateboard, helmet and pads.

At the end of the activity, a professional mechanic, re-assembles all of the skateboards to insure they are in safe operating condition.

What Your Team Will Learn:

Celebrating the completion of the skateboard challenge as a team

Celebrating the completion of the skateboard challenge as a team

-- The Power of Collaboration

-- The Importance of Communication

-- How to Create a Culture of Execution

-- The Importance of the Customer

--  Why Quality Matters

-- How to Have Fun While Learning

-- How What They Do Matters

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Workshop Logistics:

Time:  Minimum of 3 hours

Number of Participants:  Minimum 12 and up to 200

Lead Time:  At least 3 weeks prior notice to arrange for skateboards and charity

Cost:  Our half day Get On Board skateboard build workshops start at $4,000 and are dependent upon the number of participants

Location:  We can run this program in cities globally.  

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