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Brian Formato
Principal, Groove Management L.L.C.
704-966-9819, bformato@groovemanagement.com

Charlotte, North Carolina, August 25, 2014 – Groove Management L.L.C. has joined Leading Dimension Consulting as an affiliate.  Through a partnership with Right Fit Profiles, Groove Management will now be administering the Leading Dimensions Profile assessment tool.  

Groove Management provides organizational development consulting services to a portfolio of global clients across multiple industries.  Groove Management is a strength based consulting practice that helps individuals and organizations to maximize performance by focusing on their strengths.  The Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) is a powerful new assessment tool that can help individuals and organizations to build greater awareness of their strengths and development areas.  The tool has gained international recognition for its use in coaching, leadership development and selection.

In addition to the Leading Dimension Profile, Groove Management will also be offering the Organizational Engagement Review tool, which provides organizations with an insightful view of employee engagement.  A final offering is the LD360 assessment, which serves as a powerful individual coaching tool.

Groove Management’s consultants are certified in and have leveraged a number of assessment instruments including MBTI, FIRO-B, Birkman, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, Conflict Dynamics and assorted 360 tools.  The Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) tool is an exciting step forward for assessments.  It was built for the digital age and recognizes the changes that are occurring in the way that individuals work and perform today.  According to Brian Formato, Principal at Groove Management, “After reviewing a number of assessment tools, we chose the Leading Dimensions Profile for our business because it provides a unique approach to assessment and can help individuals and organizations to better understand their strengths.  This strength based focus is fully aligned with Groove Management’s business approach.”

Groove Management will begin offering the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP), the Organizational Engagement Review and the LD360 to its clients.  The addition of these tools provide an enhanced set of offerings to Groove Managements suite of services.

About Groove Management

Groove Management was founded to help organizations and individuals to identify their strengths and learn how to leverage those strengths more effectively.  We refer to this as "finding your GROOVE".  The concept is rooted in the theory of Appreciative Inquiry, which was developed in the mid 1980s. Based on the work around appreciative inquiry, Groove Management has furthered the concept into a consulting approach for executive coaching and organizational development.  Groove Management offers organizational development services, executive coaching, employee engagement and talent management services to a global portfolio of clients.  Leveraging insights gained through 20 plus years of corporate experience, Groove Management’s Principal Brian Formato has built a consulting practice that is action oriented and results focused.

About Leading Dimension Consulting

Leading Dimension Consulting is a global publisher of individual and organizational assessment solutions, supported by comprehensive consulting, training, and research services. The mission of Leading Dimensions Consulting (LDC) is to equip leaders in fulfilling their calling to develop individual potential, expand personal influence and maximize organizational effectiveness.  To achieve this mission Leading Dimensions Consulting’s Managing Director Dr. Douglas Waldo developed and published the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP), a validated psychometric assessment of adult personality for talent management applications.  For decades, psychologists, researchers and scholars have sought to explain how and why people behave the way they do, in the workplace and in relationships. With complex models to measure ever-changing theories, managers, trainers and organizational development professionals have often struggled to find a measurement framework that offered scientific rigor, while delivered in a user friendly and scalable platform. The Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) offers such a framework, leveraging a multi-dimensional approach that is delivered via a user-friendly and practical talent assessment.

Regardless of the application, whether for training and development or for recruiting and selection, the LDP provides a predictive measure of personality that can guide a wide range of personal and professional development opportunities. Simply put, the LDP is where science meets practice, to drive performance.

About Right Fit Profiles

Right Fit Profiles provides tools to assess how individuals are prepared, motivated, and engaged in their work.  Right Fit Profiles is an
affiliate of Leading Dimensions Consulting.  Jerry Donella, Principal at Right Fit Profiles was a former colleague of Doug Waldo and sits on the advisory panel of Leading Dimensions Consulting.