At Groove Management we believe that leaders are not born, but made.  Everyone has the potential to be a leader.  Leadership is a skill that must be developed.  We help our clients to clearly differentiate between leadership and management.  Warren Bennis once said "Managers do things right.  Leaders do the right things."  We work with our clients to build customized approaches to their leadership development needs.  The best leaders are self-aware.   They know their strengths and they know their deficiencies.  Our approach to leadership development is very practical.  While we do classroom based leadership development, we specialize in experiential and action learning based development programs.

"I’ve had the good fortune of working with Brian in several capacities over the last 10 years.  I first observed Brian’s unique ability to lead executives through change while working alongside him during the merger of two multinational organizations.  His utilization of strong organizational development fundamentals coupled with unique environmental experiences brings out the best in the participants and really challenges them to grow.

Most recently, I asked Brian to help Land O’Lakes IT to do some unique leadership development and conflict resolution work for the IT organization’s Talent Acceleration Program.  Brian was able to put together workshops that helped this group launch their careers with wisdom well beyond their experience level.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned executive or an early up and comer, Brian’s adaptive style and progressive thinking can effectively help you reach your potential. 

I would highly recommend trusting Brian and the team at Groove Management to put together a leadership development program that will take your life and career to the next level."

Dan Rosenbaum

Dan Rosenbaum
Director, Technology Services
Land O’Lakes, Inc.


Customized Programs

We build action learning programs for our clients that link leadership development to the specific needs of the business.  What we have found is that the two biggest obstacles to companies doing more leadership development are time and money.  Through our action learning approach, we create programs that focus the participants on solving real business challenges.  The outcomes are two-fold.  More capable leaders and real solutions from an organization's best and brightest.

Why outsources your strategy work when you can build leadership capability by creating task force team of your best and brightest to tackle your strategic challenges?
Balancing Needs

Our action learning workshop balance the business needs of the organization with the specific leadership development needs of the participants.  What we have found is that our action learning approach builds sustainable leadership capability because is marries real work with leadership theory.  Through this approach, participants learn the skills required to lead in a team environment.

Action Learning Defined:

"Action learning is the process of working on real business problems or opportunities, in diverse teams, to both improve business results and to develop the participants."

Click Image to Learn more about our Emerging Leaders program

Click Image to Learn more about our Emerging Leaders program

Experiential Leadership Development

We believe that adults learn best when they are exposed to a foreign learning environment. Classroom based leadership programs do not foster sustainable behavior change. Taking the learner out of their comfort zone is key to building high impact learning.  

Introducing LeaderSurf- A leadership development program like not other

While cohort based leadership programs built specifically for our clients are quite effective, we believe that more senior leaders often benefit from being exposed to leaders from other organizations.  With that principle in mind and our belief that people learn best through experiences, Groove Management launched a separate company LeaderSurf to deliver a high impact leadership development program for senior leaders.

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