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Communications Workshop


What We Know About Communications

  • People are inundated with far too many messages

  • Electronic communications have taken over

  • Few messages are truly memorable

  • Most messages are too complex (Twitter is on to something with 140 characters)

  • Communications are not well targeted

  • Few communications create a call to action

What If Your Communications Could Be Memorable?

  • People would react

  • People would respond

  • People would be inspired

  • People would remember

The Communications Workshop Goal

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Rather than creating electronic communications in this workshop participants will be presented with a white truck that will serve as their "communications vehicle" literally.  The team will spend their time crafting a communications plan to be desseminated through messaging on the side of the truck.  Through our facilitated process the team will identify the following:

  • What do we want to communicate?

  • Why do we want to communicate this message?

  • Who do we want to reach with our message?

  • Where can we reach our intended audience?

  • How will we know if we are successful?

The truck will serve as both the brainstorming whiteboard for ideas and then the canvas upon which to create the messaging.

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Workshop Outcomes

At the conclusion of the workshop the organization will have their "communication vehicle" with the completed messaging.  The vehicle can be rented for as long as the organization wishes to use it to convey their message.  It can be parked in various company location parking lots to reach employees with key messages, it can be driven around town during rush hour to reach customers or the community at large, or it can be parked at particular events to reach customers.  The workshop not only focuses on crafting the messages, but also on how to reach the target audience.  Groove Management can arrange for professional printing in the form of a vehicle wrap if an organization is interested in taking the concept a step further.  We can flex to meet our clients specific needs.  Truck size can range from a small van up to a large box truck depending upon the clients desires.