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Brian Formato, MSOD

Principal and Founder, Groove Management




Brian Formato is the founder and principal at Groove Management and LeaderSurf.  He is a seasoned organizational development and human capital leader with 20+ years of corporate experience.  Brian is an accomplished speaker, writer and executive coach who has had a positive impact on individuals and organizations around the globe.

With the success of Groove Management, Brian started a second company in 2016 LeaderSurf.  LeaderSurf is a unique leadership development program that merges learning to surf with becoming a better leader.  LeaderSurf is a leadership development adventure retreat to hosted several times a year.  Learn more at

In addition to Groove Management and LeaderSurf, Brian is on the board of advisors for Community MBA, a Charlotte, NC based leadership program, Advent Co-Working, a Charlotte based co-working company and community and ClearRock, a Boston based provider of outplacement and executive coaching.

Brian works with senior leaders from a diverse set of companies and industries.  As a coach, Brian believes that self-awareness is the key differentiator between great leaders and everyone else. His consulting firm, Groove Management derives its name from the concept that each of us has our own personal groove, something we do better, special or differently than others. Brian helps individuals and organizations to tap into their grooves to maximize performance.  Matching his business acumen with his coaching skills provides Brian with a highly effective framework to help business leaders to more effectively navigate their organizations and to fulfill their development needs.

Brian leverages several assessment tools depending upon the coaching engagement.  Interview style 360s, Myers-Briggs, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, Leading Dimensions Profile, FIRO, and the Conflict Dynamics Profile are all in the suite of offering that Brian leverages for various client needs.

Having developed and delivered leadership development programs in several organizations including Time Warner Cable, Ingersoll Rand, The Motley Fool, The AARP Pharmacy Service and Doosan, Brian has a keen understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader in a corporate setting. 

Brian has a Master’s degree in Organization Development (MSOD) from the American University in Washington, D.C., and a BA degree in Business Management from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fl. Brian holds certifications in several assessment tools.  When not at work Brian tends to spend his free time either on Mountain Island Lake in Charlotte, N.C., or in Asker, Norway, with his wife, Brita, daughter, Olivia, and family.