Insights for Leaders
The Leading Dimensions Profile is a contemporary psychometric assessment tool built for our technology enabled economy.  The assessment tool provides powerful insights that can improve leadership effectiveness.

Self awareness is a strength that every leader must learn to leverage
— Brian Formato

Quick Facts
What is the LDP?

The Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) is a 95-item survey, based on a multi-dimensional framework that measures two primary motivational factors and ten supporting behavioral characteristics (referred to as dimensions). The primary factors, Achievement Drive and Relational Drive, are presented on the widely-used 2x2 grid format, describing an individual based on one of four unique personality styles: 

Leading Dimensions Profile Chart

+ Consultative Counselor

+ Adaptive Coach

+ Directive Driver

+ Contemplative Advisor


How can I use the LDP?

 The LDP is used for a variety of purposes, within both individual and organizational applications. Some examples include: 

+  Leadership development

+  Coaching

LDP with Reach.jpg

+  Workshops

+  Recruiting

+  Relationship-building

+  Diversity training

+  Communication seminars

+  Employment selection

+  Sales force training


What does the LDP offer?

The LDP is intended to convey an individual's primary approach to communicating, learning, resolving conflict, and exercising influence over others. The primary factors are supported by ten dimensions, including: 

Achieving Dimensions: 

+  Assertiveness

Leading Dimensions Profile Pie

+  Adaptability

+  Perception

+  Work Intensity

+  Uncertainty Avoidance


Relating Dimensions: 

+  Affiliation

+  Consideration

+  Openness

+  Self-protection

+  Status Motivation


Comparing the Leading Dimensions Profile to DiSC
The Leading Dimensions Profile is a much newer instrument than the DiSC.  A number of studies have been conducted by Leading Dimensions Consulting, the publisher showing the correlation of the results between the two instruments.  The LDP provides a much richer set of reports.  Click the button to the right to view the research report comparing LDP and DiSC. Click here to see the comparison study

Leading Dimension Profile Gaining International Acclaim and Recognition
In just five years the Leading Dimensions Profile has been the subject of five peer reviewed research studies.  These studies seek to further validate the use of the LDP in real world situations.   The success of the LDP in such a short period of time is a testament to the tool's construct and validity.  The latest study which appears in The International Journal of Sales, Retailing & Marketing is titled "The Psychometric Validation of a Generalizable Sales Potential Profile" and can be read here.

How can my organization use the LDP? 
Groove Management can administer the LDP for your organization. We are certified to deliver the LDP instrument.  We can develop team workshops leveraging the tool, utilize it for individual coaching or work with your team to implement the LDP for selection purposes.  To learn more about the LDP and Groove Management's offerings contact us.

How does the LDP work? 
An individual's LDP results are provided in seven distinct reports, each offering a practical description of an individual's likely behaviors within specific applications. 

Click on Image to view report

Click on Image to view report

The Leading Dimensions Profile was one of the best parts of the workshop in my opinion. And great to have a takeway tool with so much info as we have in the results booklet." 

-Land O'Lake Program Participant


Leading Dimensions Profile Sample Reports


Leading Dimensions Profile Overview Brochures- Download below

Click on Report to view it

Click on Report to view it

Click  on report to view it

Click  on report to view it