Learn To Leverage Conflict as a Powerful Decision Making Tool

Conflict Dynamics Profile®

Most individuals and organizations shy away from conflict.  They think of it as a destructive behavior although it is inevitable.  If we could change our paradigm about conflict and learn to view it as a necessary tool for making better decisions, the results could be quite powerful.  Groove Management's approach to conflict is to teach individuals and organizations to embrace conflict as a strength and view it as powerful decision making tool.  Through the use of he Conflict Dynamics Profile®, Groove Management can help your organization to better understand how conflict can be used as an individual or team strength.

Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) Overview

This powerful assessment instrument helps managers and employees deal with conflict behaviors in the workplace.  Promote more effective workplace conflict resolution with an approach that is time-proven and psychometrically sound. Improve awareness about what triggers conflict within you—and learn how you respond to conflict behaviorally. The first step in any journey is to know where you are right now, and the Conflict Dynamics Profile® provides you with that knowledge. Prepare to move forward with confidence.

The benefits of effective conflict management

The ability to manage conflict effectively represents a strategic business advantage.

Reduce costs

- Make better business decisions

- Implement initiatives more effectively

- Achieve substantial return on investment

Increase productivity

- Reduce absenteeism and “presenteeism” 

- Improve the quality of decision making under stress

- Foster an environment of creative innovation

Retain your top performers

- Strengthen supervisory and peer relationships

- Keep your teams engaged and openly communicating

- Give your people the power to make a positive difference

Manage risk

- Prevent violence, sabotage, and vandalism

- Mitigate legal risks

- Better manage public perception of your organization’s brand

What to expect from this instrument

The Conflict Dynamics Profile® was developed to prevent harmful conflict in the workplace. Backed by solid evidence of reliability and validity, this instrument provides managers and employees with a greater awareness of how they respond when faced with conflict. Expect an insightful approach that lessens the problems associated with harmful or unproductive forms of conflict and results in more effective conflict management skills. Easy to use. Quickly and easily completed in 20-25 minutes, the Conflict Dynamics Profile is appropriate for employees at all levels and is applicable for organizations large and small, across all industries.Flexible. The CDP-360 is the multi-rater version of the Conflict Dynamics Profile instrument and CDP-I provides a self-assessment format for individuals. Both versions are available in online and paper-and-pencil formats. 

Contact Groove Management to learn more about the CDP and how we can help your organization learn to leverage conflict as a better decision making tool.