The Accountability Equation Workshop


Follow through and doing what you say is a differentiator between the most successful people and everyone else

How are you doing on your Say vs Do ratio?

Our half day or full day workshop helps business people to improve their follow through. We discuss enablers and inhibitors to getting things done, how to focus more effectively and prioritization tactics.

Our Agenda

▪Differentiating between commitment, accountability and promises

▪10 qualities of accountable people

▪What your email inbox count says about you and tactics to improve email management

▪Deadlines and how to improve ones ability to meet deadlines

▪Execution and prioritization

Our workshop can be run for groups as small as six participants and as large as 200.  The session includes several activities to actively engage participants and to draw upon their experiences.  We outline the say do equation and talk about how to keep ones words and actions consistent.

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