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Customized Programs to meet your specific needs

The six core focus areas above are just a snapshot of our offerings and previous engagement work.  We create customized programs specific to the needs of our clients by utilizing our diagnostic tools and unique assessment approach. Reach out to us to discuss your specific requirements.  If they are not a fit with our capabilities, we will help you identify another firm that is better suited to meet your needs, because your satisfaction is most important to Groove Management.

Team Building

Groove Management offers a number of team building simulations and workshops that are highly interactive and engaging for both large and small teams.  We can run these sessions at your location or at one of our approved sites.

Employee Engagement

We offer unique programs to assess your current level of employee engagement as well as culture building initiatives.  Through our employee communications audit, we can help you build a winning culture.

Talent Management

Our expertise in talent management can help you to attract, develop and retain top performing passionate employees.  We can assist with your staffing plans, performance management, as well as rewards and recognition programs.

Organization Development

We ground our work in the belief that form must follow function.  The organizational design cannot be addressed until the strategy and capabilities are clearly defined.

Executive Coaching

Leveraging a host of personal development instruments, we can tailor a coaching engagement to the specific needs of each client.  Our top priority is the success of the coaching client. 


Groove Management is certified in the Leading Dimensions Profile, Myers-Briggs, Thomas Kilmann and Conflict Dynamics assessment instruments.  Let us help your team build better self-awareness.

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Who We Are

Groove Management is a human capital consulting firm with extensive experience in organizational development, talent management, employee assessment and engagement as well as merger and acquisition integration.  We bring a unique, highly customized approach to each of our client engagements, believing that an organization’s financial success is directly linked to its culture and talent. By focusing on the strength of an organization’s human capital, we help companies to plan for and achieve sustainable business results.