The Team

Brian Formato Headshot

Brian Formato, MSOD

Principal and Founder, Groove Management

Brian Formato is the Founder and Principal at Groove Management.  He is a seasoned organizational development, communications and digital marketing leader with 20+ years of corporate experience.  Brian is an accomplished speaker, writer and executive coach who has had a positive impact on individuals and organizations around the globe. Read more


Adam Cannavo, SPHR

Senior Consultant, Groove Management

Adam has over 15 years of experience leading the human resources function for high performing organizations in television media, aerospace, consumer goods, and transportation industries.  His career has focused on helping businesses maximize their potential for success by aligning HR initiatives with operational goals to drive revenue or streamline processes. 

Adam holds a Master of Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and is a certified Senior Professional of Human Resources with SHRM and HRCI.  He hosted the Work Rocks podcast for 2 seasons, was a featured speaker at Disrupt HR, and led the HRCI-certified continuing education course “Transforming HR in Your Organization”.

Gary Hill.jpg

Gary C. Hill

Senior Strategy and Culture Consultant, Groove Management

Gary brings twenty plus years of corporate leadership experience to Groove Management. "I solve problems." - Winston Wolfe. Gary is an executive with 30 years of business experience in corporate finance (commercial banking, investment banking and as CFO of the Motley Fool), business development, sales and human resources. Responsibilities have included raising private equity and debt, negotiating everything from large distribution partnerships to senior management packages, and developing compensation structures.  As part of the Motley Fool’s original leadership team, he has been and continues to be a significant contributor in creating, perpetuating, evolving and reinforcing the Fool's award-winning culture.

Carreiro Headshot.jpg

Dr. Alexis Carreiro

Communications Consultant

Dr. Alexis Carreiro earned her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Texas-Austin and moved to Charlotte in 2011. Queens University hired her to help them implement a $5.75 million dollar grant from The Knight Foundation, and she worked as a Communications professor there for eight years. Today, she works as a business communication coach and consultant. She helps clients sharpen their written, verbal, visual, interpersonal, and intercultural communication skills—because what you say is as important as how you say it. She’s also an author, a public speaker, and the podcast host for “Fun with Failure” on the Queen City Podcast Network. 

Igor Gorlatov Groove Management

Igor Gorlatov

Senior Consultant, Groove Management

Igor Gorlatov came to Charlotte from Minsk, Belarus in April 2016. In Belarus he ran a digital marketing agency "Tanix Group", taught at the SBMT MBA program and worked as an interpreter for over 10 years, having observed and taken part in thousands of various negotiations of different kind in all his roles.  Igor is an expert in conflict management and negotiations.

In 2015 Igor started the Successful Negotiations Club to help creative people and teams to attain their true potential.

Raven Solomon Groove Management

Raven Solomon

Generational Diversity Consultant, Groove Management

Raven is a talented millennial leader with a sales leadership background at one of the top food and beverage companies in the world, at which she became an executive at just 28 years old. With years of experience leading teams comprised of up to 5 generations, Raven prides herself on being the expert on Multi-generational Leadership for Millennials & Gen Z. As a Corporate Coach and founder of the Center for Next Generation Leadership & Professional Development, Raven helps companies attract, develop, and retain their future in order to attain & sustain competitive advantage, through innovative conferences, workshops, keynotes, and webinars. 

Raven also has a personal story of perseverance that simply cannot go untold. Many days she serves as an Inspirational Speaker—inspiring audiences across the world to overcome obstacles and thrive, as she has done so many times. Learn more about Raven at 

Charles Hunt Headshot Groove Management

Charles Hunt

Senior Consultant, Groove Management

Charles is a resilience expert, adjunct professor, and motivational speaker.  Adept at leveraging transparency to inspire and get results, this former college recruiting, talent management, diversity and supply chain leader left the corporate world to fulfill his vision of building unbreakable spirits and cultivating resiliency for those who like him, have The Audacity to Succeed.  He helps business leaders, students and young professionals build resilience, believe in bigger and greater for themselves and create the academic, economic, and career plans to get there. Charles was one of the top speakers at TEDx Charlotte 2016 and his talk "What Trauma Taught Me About Resilience" has attracted international attention.  Charles is also Principal Consultant at The Audacity Firm.

Tess Ausman Headshot

Tess Ausman

Senior Consultant, Groove Management

Tess is passionate about leadership development and creating a talent revolution in the workplace, where leaders think about their people first instead of sacrificing those people for results. Her core focus is on millennials - a group that craves development and growth but is often left out of the conversation. With an MAEd in Instructional Design and extensive experience in facilitation, Tess makes leadership topics come alive and leave a lasting impact. She is the founder of CLTleads, which aims to be a hub for Charlotte millennials to grow, network and hone skills to take them to the next level. Check her out at or @cltleads on Twitter.