Having a clearly articulated plan that can be shared with all employees is an important component of any company's path to success.  Internal and external forces change the organizational landscape and business climate throughout the year.  The best way to prepare an organization for the year ahead is to proactively create a clear game plan.  Groove Management helps organizations with their strategic planning process.  We facilitate a one day planning session that can be delivered at multiple levels of an organization.  We provide enterprise strategic planning, operating unit planning, business unit planning and team strategic planning sessions.  Our proven six step approach outlined below delivers tangible results and drives team engagement. 

Set the direction

Step 1:  Set a clear vision for success in the coming year as a team.  With prior input from the leader, we will work with the team to set a clear vision.

Create The Priorities



Step 2:  Choose what is most important which requires focus from the entire team. Our process will ensure that the organization has clear priorities.


Define Success Metrics


Step 3:  Define success metrics on the front end. Our process will help determine what to measure, how to measure it and with what frequency.

Align The Team


Step 4:  Create leadership team alignment around the goals and priorities.  Our approach will create clear leadership alignment during the workshop.


Communicate The Strategy


Step 5:  Build a compelling communication plan. As part of the workshop the team will create a campaign to clearly articulate the strategy to all employees.



Execute The Plan


Step 6:  Deliver on the plan. The workshop will outline clear steps for achievement of the plan.  This includes creating deliverables and ownership.



Let Groove Management Help You Build Your Plan
Following the steps outlined above we can facilitate an impactful workshop to help you and your team build your strategic plan for the coming year.  


  • A clear roadmap for the coming year in the form of a strategy document
  • A communication plan to cascade the message to all employees
  • Enhanced team alignment as a result of the workshop
  • Cleary defined success metrics
  • An execution plan with owners and milestones

Our workshop can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.  Contact Groove Management to learn more about our approach and how we can help you with your planning needs.