Innovation Light Bulb

- Dale Daughten



Innovation is about doing things differently.  Too often organizations only think about innovation in terms of products, but it can also be about processes, approaches and many other facets of an organization.  To be a successful innovator, an organization must have a tolerance for risk and a culture that supports it.

The Groove Management Innovation Workshop will help your team to explore a new approach to innovating within your organization.  The team will look at a truly innovative company and see first hand its formula for innovation success.  Next your team will explore its own company culture and determine the barriers to innovation.  The team will review past innovative successes within its organization as well as past failures.  By leveraging Groove Management's appreciative inquiry approach the team will explore key organizational success factors and apply them to the innovation challenge.

The team will create a set of new guidelines for the organization and make a commitment to driving a culture change that will foster innovative thinking.

In this workshop your team will:

  • Explore barriers to innovation within the organization
  • View how an innovative company approaches all facets of work and culture
  • Define a desired future state for the organization that fosters innovation
  • Create a model for addressing risk and failure
  • Commit to becoming the agents of change within their organization

roove Management will customize the workshop to meet the specific needs of your team.  Our goal is help your team to understand the formula for driving innovation in your workplace and an approach to removing current barriers.

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