Building Better Rapport Workshop

Rapport Workshop

Rapport building is a critical skill for any business professional. In this workshop we teach specific skills for building stronger rapport with clients, customers, prospects and colleagues.

Rapport Building Starts With Knowing Oneself

Our half day or full day workshop helps business people to improve their rapport building skills. We begin by focusing on increasing self-awareness and then we connect greater self-awareness to the skills required to build stronger rapport.

Our Agenda

▪Linking Rapport Building and Self Awareness

▪StrengthsFinder Assessment

▪Why Rapport Matters

▪How to Build Stronger Rapport

▪Checkout activity- Learning capture

Our workshop can be run for groups as small as six participants and as large as 200.  The session includes several activities to actively engage participants and to draw upon their experiences.  We believe that rapport building skills can accelerate the growth of individuals and their organizations.


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