Propel Your Team Forward- Team Activity

All Hands On Deck

Too often organizations play by an antiquated set of rules.  Innovation and creativity are squelched by the work environment, but who said you have to play by those rules. Why limit your team meetings and brainstorming sessions to a traditional conference room when you can get your team out of the office for a product, creative and fun meeting.

Groove Management has partnered with Charlotte Cycleboats to provide the most unique team meeting environment in the Charlotte region.  Plan a two to four hour team meeting on Lake Norman aboard North Carolina's only cycleboat.  Groove Management will work with you to plan your agenda and to facilitate your meeting aboard this super cool pedal propelled boat.

Teams of five to fifteen participants can engage in a team meeting on the cycle boat.  The team will gather around the cycle boat table while each participant will be seated on a bicycle style seat with a set of peddles that will propel the boat forward.  There are ten cycle seats and room for up to five more participants on the craft.  The boat will be steered by a licensed captain.  Groove Management will provide the meeting facilitation, the beverages of your choice, flipchart and other meeting materials.  

This unique ever evolving setting for a meeting will spur deeper team conversations, innovative ideas, bond the team in new ways and provide a great opportunity for the team to do something productive, fun and unique.

The coast guard certified cycle boat is powered by the participants, however their is an electric engine if the group gets lazy or their legs give out.

Whatever Floats Your Boat!

You tell us the purpose for your meeting and we will design an engaging agenda to meet your needs.  We have facilitated all sorts of meetings including:

  • New leader assimliations
  • Team effectiveness session
  • The power of feedback sessions
  • Personality styles at work
  • Design thinking sessions
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Creative problem solving sessions
  • New product ideation sessions
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Team building sessions
  • Non-profit board retreats
  • For-profit executive team or board retreats