New Leader Assimilation

Organizations spend significant time sourcing and selecting high caliber candidates for leadership roles.  They put candidates through thorough interview processes, run assessment centers and invest both time and money to make certain they choose the best candidate for an open role. Especially when the role is a senior level position.  Unfortunately too many companies don't take the time to create an effective on-boarding plan for the new leader.

Groove Management has created a one day New Leader Assimilation workshop that greatly speeds the on-boarding process and begins to build trust between the new leader and their team.  This highly engaging and interactive workshop helps put both the new leader and the team at ease.  Through a facilitated exercise, the team will learn a great deal about their new leader and through a socratic approach, the leader will learn about the team.

The workshop focuses on four areas:

  • Professional background and experience of the leader
  • Personal interests and family
  • Work style and cadence for the team
  • Vision for the future and motivations

Having facilitated this workshop for numerous leaders, we have seen the impact this has on an organization.  It is a very good way to accelerated the on-boarding of a new leader.  The workshop is ideally run during the new leaders first week on the job, although it can be effective within the first month.