This Vet Found Charlotte’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is Way More Than a Far Off Galaxy- Charlotte Stories- July 2018

“The entrepreneur ecosystem in Charlotte is like a constellation. There are a lot of stars, but it is not well connected. There is no overarching solar system, so it can be confusing to navigate,” he said. “But, there are also a lot of resources. [There are] very accomplished people who are open to sharing their knowledge and experience.” According to Brian Formato, Principal of Groove Management.  Read the full article here

Why I Got The Heck Out Of My House And Started Co-Working- Charlotte Five- February 2017

After 20 plus years of working in cube farms and even a dingy basement for a tech startup, I find my current work environment to be the most flexible and rewarding. My company, Groove Management, is a virtual organization.

I worked from home for a couple of years leading my consulting firm and I was productive, but I was missing something. Community. I believe that we are most productive when we are surrounded by other productive people.

‘Forward-Filling’ Anticipates Job Openings- SHRM- October 2016

Organizational development expert Brian Formato believes that too many employers are content with the idea that average performers are preferable to vacant positions.  Employee retention is a key metric, but Formato, the CEO and principal at Groove Management, an organizational development and human capital consulting firm in Charlotte, N.C., argues that retaining less-than-stellar talent is a compromise that leads to stagnation.

Groove Management Founder, Brian Formato Launches LeaderSurf Leadership Development Company- May 2016

Charlotte, North Carolina, May 19, 2016 - Introducing LeaderSurf LLC, a leadership development program like no other.  Founded as an extension of Groove Management, LeaderSurf combines leadership development with learning to surf.  Read the full release

Groove Management  Joins Leading Dimensions Consulting as An Affiliate- August 2014

Charlotte, North Carolina, August 25, 2014 – Groove Management L.L.C. has joined Leading Dimension Consulting as an affiliate.  Through a partnership with Right Fit Profiles, Groove Management will now be administering the Leading Dimensions Profile assessment tool. Read the full release