Unlocking The Power of Generational Diversity Workshop

"Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it."

- George Orwell

5 Generations All At Once

For the first time in history, there are four, in some cases 5, generations working alongside one another in the workplace.  Differences across generations can create frustration, breakdowns in communication, and decreased productivity.  This unique and highly interactive team building workshop is designed to inform, unite and strengthen your workforce to turn generational difference into cross-generational synergy and a competitive advantage.  We all identify with our own generation as highlighted in Brian's Article Generational Diversity: Talkin' Bout My Generation


To help your team and organization recognize and leverage generational diversity as a competitive advantage.  Through this workshop your team will build an appreciation for the similarities and differences that exist across the various generations represented in your workforce and learn how to turn difference into strength.

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  • Icebreaker and intros

  • Defining generational diversity

  • Acknowledging our differences

  • Discovering our similarities

  • Leveraging our similarities and differences for increased productivity

  • Real-time application

  • Wrap up activity


As a result of this workshop, your team will:

  • Learn a model for working more effectively as a team, where teamwork and partnerships are built around diverse perspectives

  • Break down biases and stereotypes that exist related to generational diversity

  • Learn to model authenticity and an appreciation for differences in the workplace

  • Appreciate generational diversity as an organizational strength

  • Learn techniques for communicating more effectively with team members of different generations

  • See the similarities in goals and desires that exist between all team members


What to know more?

Read our white paper on the subject.  Contents of the white paper are shared in our engaging workshops.

Generational Diversity White Paper (Click here or image)




Why Raven & Brian?

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GEN X.png

Raven and Brian on the surface are an unlikely pairing, but we actually have much more in common than meets the eye.  We are both passionate about leadership and teamwork.  We believe that diversity is an untapped strength that organizations rarely leverage to their competitive advantage.

As co-facilitators we help teams realize that a middle-aged white my from a privileged family in New York City and a thirty-something, African American female from an impoverished part of North Carolina have more in common that one would expect.  We leverage our own backgrounds and experiences to provide real world examples of how our biases influence behavior.  Our workshops are highly intereactive and engaging.  We make use of experiential exercises to engage all members of the team, with clearly defined goals and linkage between workshop activities and the needs of the business.

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The Generational Diversity Workshop can be run as a half day or full day workshop depending on the specific goals and needs of your team.