Building A Feedback Rich Culture Workshop

Feedback Culture

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."

- Ken Blanchard

Feedback is a Gift

If feedback is treated like a gift then it is always welcomed and it is also exciting to give.  In this interactive workshop we teach participants how to effectively give and solicit feedback.  Too many organizations reserve feedback for formal performance reviews.  Feedback should be a daily activity that occurs between employees at all levels of an organization.  The reason that organizations don't have feedback rich cultures is that few employees are ever formally trained on giving and receiving feedback.  Our workshop teaches the specific skills required to be an expert at both giving and receiving feedback.  We include several interactive activities and role plays to practice with the new skills.  

Feedback Bank

Our workshop can be run for groups as small as six participants and as large as fifty.  We include a pre-workshop assessment to gauge the current feedback culture within the team.  This quick online assessment provides the team with a good starting point and conversation starter as we dive into the topic of feedback.

The Link Between Feedback and Conflict:

One of the reasons that individuals are resistant to giving and receiving feedback is that feedback can at times lead to conflict.  If individuals do not see eye to eye then the feedback can have a negative impact.  That discomfort can derail the process.  In our extended workshop we leverage the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument to help individuals and teams to understand their conflict styles.  This can help to enhance a feedback culture and prepare people for the various reactions they might encounter.  The TKI is a simple self-scored assessment that categorizes an individuals conflict style into one of five choices

  • Competing

  • Collaborating

  • Accommodating

  • Compromising

  • Avoiding


The Successful Negotiators Club

For the Feedback workshop Groove Management has partnered with The Successful Negotiators Club which is led by Igor Gorlatov an internationally recognized negotiations expert.  Igor has taught negotiations at the university level and consults with organizations around the world to enhance negotiating skills and effectiveness.  


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The Feedback Workshop can be run as a half day or full day workshop depending on the specific goals and needs of your team.