Emerging Leaders Cohort Program

Leadership development is an important pursuit for all organizations hoping to stand the test of time.  Succession planning and developing the next generations of leaders helps define an organization’s culture and can make it an employer of choice.  However, most organizations struggle with finding an effective approach to leadership development.  There are three main inhibitors to getting organizations to invest more heavily in leadership development.

1) Time:  How can an organization take its best and brightest away from the business to go to training?  The time required to run an effective leadership development program comes at a major cost to productivity.

2) Money:  Leadership development programs are expensive.  Whether an organization builds an internal team to design and deliver programs or outsources this work, it is still quite expensive.

3) Hard to measure the ROI:  While there are several qualitative measures of leadership development programs it is quite difficult to prove a true ROI on programs.

With these three constraints in mind, many organizations de-prioritize leadership development programs.  This is especially true of smaller organizations where time and money are even more constrained than in a large enterprise.

Groove Management has been fortunate to work with organizations of all sizes.  Recognizing the constraints listed above we approach leadership development differently.  We have created an emerging leaders cohort program that builds leadership capability while efficiently addressing the time, money and ROI constraints.


To develop "ready now" leaders who have the skills, the emotional intelligence, and attitude to lead your organization into the future


Groove Management will design and facilitate a customized action learning focused leadership development program for a cohort of emerging leaders at your organization.

The program includes up to ten modules with participants meeting each month for a day long session that focuses on a specific learning topic. After the first five modules, the participants are introduced to the "action learning project". The participants are tasked by senior leadership with solving a current business challenge or exploring the viability of a business opportunity. The program culminates with a group presentation to senior leadership.

The learning modules include the following topics:

action pyramid.JPG
  • Teams and teamwork- Creating a recipe for a high performing team

  • Leadership vs Management- Can you be good at one and not the other

  • Unlocking The Power of Self-Awareness- Every leaders secret weapon

  • Healthy Tension- How to leverage conflict to make better decisions

  • Innovation and Creativity- Risk taking, failure and learning

  • The Accountability Equation- Execution and getting things done

  • Creating a Culture of Engagement- How to recruit, engage and develop talent

  • The Gift of Feedback- Techniques to effectively give and solicit feedback

  • Communicating with Impact- Presentation skills and storytelling

Program Outcomes:

The program uses a unique blend of classroom instruction, video, team exercises, and action learning techniques to teach participants to collaborate effectively and to develop a greater appreciation for the power of diversity in teams. Participants develop the skills required to be situational leaders who effectively leverage their personal strengths in a wide variety of challenging business situations.

Following participation in the program, organizations have reported that high potential employees and emerging leaders:

Business Results and Participant Learning
  • Experienced increased employee engagement and retention

  • Developed greater self-awareness and identified opportunities for personal growth

  • Mitigated institutional communication barriers by expanding their internal network to include employees from other departments, geographies, and organizational silos

  • Became champions of change, took on additional responsibility, increased credibility, and gained positive exposure to senior leadership

  • Created a “learning organization” mindset in the workplace, beginning with the action learning project, and continuing thereafter with a new problem solving tools that delivered tangible business results


The Groove Management Emerging Leaders Cohort program costs are based on the size of the cohort, the number of modules to be included, the number of assessment tools utilized and the overall program length.

We recommend a class size of between 8-15 participants and a program length of 10 modules spread across a calendar year.

Our emerging leaders programs costs $8,000* per participant.

Contact Groove Management to learn more about our offerings and to explore having us build a custom program for your organization

*cost may vary depending upon modules, locations and group size