Healthy Tenson

- Margaret Hefernan

All great teams deal with conflict at one point or another.  Avoiding conflict can be detrimental to team performance and often leads to group think.  In this workshop Groove Management will lead your team through a series of interactive simulations and activities to help your team learn to leverage team conflict as a strength.  Embracing conflict and understanding the root cause can help your team develop a healthier and more effective decision making process.

Utilizing either the Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) or Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) each member of the team will learn about their own person approach and behaviors when dealing with conflict.  We will map the entire team's approaches and discuss the implications for your specific team.  Through an interactive approach all participants will become familiar with the conflict model and learn how to work more effectively with the various conflict behaviors.

Most importantly, the team will apply the tactics for dealing with conflict to a real world issue facing the team and the organization.  The goal is to provide practical skills to enhance a team's effectiveness.


In this workshop your team will:

  • Complete the Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) Instrument or Thomas Kilmann Conflict Instrument (TKI)
  • Learn about individual and team approaches to dealing with conflict and develop a better understanding of each participants approach
  • Engage in a conflict simulation to highlight the value of understanding conflict styles in addressing a conflict
  • Address a conflict issue that the team faces within their business
  • Develop a new approach to managing future team conflict

roove Management will customize the workshop to meet the specific needs of your team.  Our goal is to educate your team on the healthy use of conflict as a decision making tool and to help the team understand the difference between constructive conflict and destructive conflict.


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